At Vondom, they work to create art, always looking for the natural beauty, and thus providing their products with their unique personality. Their designs are contemporary and avant –garde, becoming an integral part of their domestic scenario. Inspired for enriching a more innovative, creative and beautiful design.
They create their products with internationally renowned designers such as: Javier Mariscal, Jmferrero, Teresa Sapey, Karim Rashid, Ramón Esteve, Stefano Giovannoni, A – Cero, Archirivolto Design, Ludovica + Roberto Palomba and Harry & Camila … to develop a consistent commitment to innovation in all their products, employing the technique of rotational molding and the eco design. The 100% recyclable material is ideal to guarantee a long-life use supporting the most extreme atmospheric conditions keeping their colors during all their life.

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